Adjustable Dumbbells 21lb/33lb/44lb/55lb/66lb | HAJEX



Build bulkier biceps with Adjustable Dumbbell sets from HAJEX. Each set comprises double-layered PVC weights with ergonomic handles. These sets are designed to increase the functionality of the equipment to ease you with developing a sculptured torso and arms.

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This item: Adjustable Dumbbells 21lb/33lb/44lb/55lb/66lb | HAJEX
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Adjustable Workout Bench 600LB capacity
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    Adjustable Dumbbells 21lb/33lb/44lb/55lb/66lb | HAJEX


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    Introducing you to the latest collection of our dumbbells sets. These combinations are perfect to get bulging muscles at the comfort of your home. The plates included in the set have a 1-inch bar hole, allowing you to use them with barbells or dumbbell handles. These sets offer incredible functionality with superior performance. Lift the plates with solid grip holes and load on the bar effortlessly. The 4 spinlock collars hold the weight firmly and prevent them from slipping while handling. In addition, the dumbbell bar has solid knurling to aid hand grips.

    Adjustable Dumbbells Feature

    Durable Construction: The weights are manufactured with a solid iron-sand mixture and double layered with PVC that provides additional protection from any wear and tear. The dumbbell bars and constructed with heavy-duty cast iron and has chrome finishing.

    Anti-Corrosion: The chrome finishing on the handlebar provides 100% safety against rust or corrosion. It also protects the handles from accidental breaking. Owing to this feature, the product has higher durability.

    Different Weights: Each set has a different combination of weights that gives complete flexibility to choose according to your workout requirement. Additionally, the weights can be altered according to exercise. This way you can also level up the intensity.

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    21 Lb/9.6 Kg, 33 Lb/15 Kg, 44 Lb/20 Kg, 55 Lb/25 Kg, 66 Lb/30 Kg


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