Rubber Hex Dumbbells in Canada

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Start your Strength training with Premium Rubber Hex Dumbbells, manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron with rubber-enclosed hexagonal heads.

We also offer Rubber Hex Dumbell Stacks. Our Dumbells come with the following features: 

  • Highest Quality Rubber & Steel Grip
  • 28mm to 35mm Grip diameter for Perfect handling
  • Tested to last 10 years
  • Non-Smelly
  • Does not Rust or Corrode over time
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1 × Steel Dumbbell Racks Vertical & Horizontal Style
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1 × Adjustable Workout Bench 600LB capacity
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    Rubber Hex Dumbbells in Canada

    CAD $4.95CAD $479.95

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    HAJEX Rubber Hex Dumbbells feature a great design and achievable option that delivers quality, performance, and durability. Each dumbbell is manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron and the highest quality rubber. Our sturdy, rubber-enclosed HEX heads diminish noise and limit wear and tear. You can include the Rubber Hex Dumbbells in any fitness or strength training routine. You can build muscle, stabilize muscles, or expand your fitness gear. You can use it anywhere i.e. in your home, outdoors, in a studio, or in a hotel. It’s perfect for Commercial purposes as well as Residential use.

    Practice a bunch of dumbbell exercises from training your biceps/triceps to your glute, these dumbbell sets are ideal to get the job done. Manufactured with cast iron, the dumbbells ensure lifelong durability and a protective covering prevents them from rusting. Alongside the versatility in weight choices for many athletes, a good set of dumbbells can be used to replicate almost any type of barbell exercise, while also offering a wider range of single-arm, rehab-specific, and pinpoint movements in virtually any sized space.

    Rubber Hex Dumbbells up to 150LB feature the following:
    • 28-35mm diameter handle
    • 10lb and above have a larger 30mm+ diameter handle for a better grip of the dumbbell
    Features & Specifications:
    • Weight range: 2.5lb to 120lb
    • Handle Diameter (Grip): 28MM up to 10lb, 30-35mm for 10lb and above
    • Tolerance Level: +/- 3%
    • Heavy-duty Rubber Encased Heads: Minimum noise or floor damage upon a throw-off, and least wear and tear on the dumbbells for a long period.
    • Solid-grip, ergonomically designed Chrome-Plated Handle
    • 1-year warranty on quality

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    17 reviews for Rubber Hex Dumbbells in Canada

    1. Peter
      Awesome 20 LBS Rubber Hex Dumbbells
      Dumbbells lifting and making strong muscles is my passion. With HAJEX Rubber Hex Dumbbells that I ordered and received yesterday, I am living my dream. I have always wanted such good quality dumbbells. I would highly recommend these dumbbells!
    2. Samantha
      Great quality Rubber Hex Dumbbells!
      I have got my parcel of Rubber Hex Dumbbells 2.5 kgs today and let me give my thoughts on that. I am loving this item. This new addition to my home gym is fantastic and I am enjoying lifting these dumbbells. The quality of the dumbbells is just awesome and overall the review from my side is five by five. I am enjoying doing dumbbell workouts with this one. I would commend buying the dumbbells from HAJEX.
    3. Jackson
      Exactly what I wanted. I use it multiple times a day. Great product.
    4. RonD
      Verified Member
      Well shaped, excellent grip.
    5. Vic
      Verified Member

      Is the rubber virgin rubber ,absolutely no odor at all upon purchase? Is premium rubber and virgin rubber the same?

      Reply: Yes. Our Rubber Dumbbells do not stink.
    6. Shantay
      Just bought a pair of 15lbs dumbells. Their customer service is really helpful I tell them my concerns and they really help me with it my concerns was the smell I cannot bear the smell of the dumbells i bought the last one from amazon the smell was really bad I need move it to the trash then I fount this company name HAJEX so I talk to them they share the pics and tell me that it does not have any smell so I go for pick up to check my self and they don't have any smell and I like them they have good quality.
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