Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells

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HAJEX Rotary Adjustable Dumbbell is best for you to tone your biceps and triceps. These can help you improve your arm strength while being easily adjusted. This single dumbbell eliminates the need of purchasing multiple hand weights that not only save space in your home gym but also provide a wide range of adjustable weights for long-term fitness goals. 

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Adjustable Workout Bench (5% Discount)
This item: Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells
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CAD $189.95CAD $889.95
Adjustable Workout Bench 700LB capacity
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CAD $189.95
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    Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells

    CAD $189.95CAD $889.95

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    The Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells are an ideal solution to your growing workout requirement. Its design is unique and innovative with a smart dial system. You can rotate the dial to adjust pounds. Add or remove the weight plates according to your requirement. The resistance on the dumbbell can be ranged from 5 pounds all the way up to 52.5 pounds (with 2.5 pounds increment) or 10 pounds to 90 pounds of weight (with 5 pounds increment).  This dumbbell can replace multiple sets of dumbbells, which not only provides a single solution to all your needs but also saves money and space in your home gyms. 

    They are also available with stands. The dumbbell holder features an ergonomic design that increases efficiency. They also provide an organized weight holding solution with a wide weight tray and secure clasps.

    Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells Material

    These dumbbells are built with industrial-grade steel with solid PVC detailing. Each dumbbell has a dial mechanism for instant weight adjustment. It also has a secure locking system that keeps the weights in place while leaving the rest in tray.


    Space-efficient design – Its unique and effective design helps the exerciser to train in an effective and efficient manner. It is the best space-efficient solution for those who do not want to occupy more space in their gyms. 

    Premium Grips – The Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells also feature heavy-duty grips with smooth finishing. Each dumbbell handle has a soft rubber cover that prevents it from slipping through sweaty hands.

    Dial to adjust resistance – You can automatically change your resistance on each dumbbell by merely turning the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise. 

    Increasing strength – With the help of adjustable increments in weights, you will be able to increase your strength gradually. There is no need to bulk up extra weight or pounds. 

    Convenient for beginners – It is extremely convenient as well as great for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts who are professionals in their field. 

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    52.5 LB Single, 52.5 LB Pair, 52.5 LB Pair + Stand, 90 LB Single, 90 LB Pair, 90 LB Pair + Stand


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