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    Scott Bench
    Scott Bench CAD $464
    • Easy to use and customizable according to your needs
    • Adjust your seat according to your sitting position
    • Supports pads helps correct knee position
    • Button adjust the lever to select the start angle Rear Delt/Pec Fly
    • Biomechanically design for optimal performance

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    Weight Lifting Bench 1
    Weight Lifting Bench with Pulley CAD $399.95
    • Multifunctional fitness equipment designed to provide full-body workout includes arm training muscles training weight lifting leg extension leg curl etc
    • Adjustable seats to meet your need and provide you training with different angles to get good results. Comfortable and soft cushions are used in manufacturing to provide a comfortable workout.
    • The dumbbell bench and square rack can be used separately it saves space can provides a comfortable workout.
    • The squat rack is also adjustable you can adjust it according to your height can be used by multiple users. A safety protection bracket is used to prevent injury.
    • Premium high-quality heavy-duty frame is used to provide safety and durability to your workout.
    • One plus point of this multifunctional weight lifting bench is that it has a high lifting bar that creates more training methods

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