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    Multi-purpose Olympic Workout Bench F43
    Multi-Purpose Olympic Workout Bench F43 CAD $817

    The Multi-Purpose Olympic Workout Bench F43 is an ideal choice for people who care about their condition and appearance. It is constructed with durable and high-grade composite steel. This well-made equipment is perfect for advanced weight training.

    • This bench allows you to perform a wide range of workouts such as bench press, push-ups, dumbbell bench, and many more. It will surely make you feel like working out in a gym.
    • It comes with weight holders which allows you to easily access your weights during workout.
    • Its anti-slip rubber feet allow you to perform more quality reps without sliding.
    • It features a highly thick padded seat which increases comfort while performing the workout. 

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    Olympic Decline Weight Bench FF41
    Olympic Decline Weight Bench FF41 CAD $1,052

    This elite standard Olympic Decline Weight Bench gives you an intense full-body workout in the ease of your home. It is designed to last longer through tough workouts with its powder-coated sturdy steel frame.  If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is a great piece of equipment for you.

    • This decline bench offers a full-body workout so you can shape your body the way you want it. It lets you perform various workouts to develop your arms, chest, and core.
    • The seat is padded with high-density foam and quilted in vinyl for maximum comfort and soothe of clean up.
    • This bench is made of durable steel tubing strengthened with powder coating, its structure won’t collapse under your weight. 
    • This incredible equipment will give you an enjoyable strength-training experience, so you can push yourself at your best.

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    Olympic Flat Bench
    Grey Olympic Flat Bench
    Olympic Flat Bench CAD $934

    This Olympic Flat Bench is appropriate for weight lifting and a fine addition to any commercial gym or training facility. The low bench height and deep-set area offers placement for a spotter and provides prime workout positioning to maximize results and produce the horizontal press muscles.

    Ergonomically Designed: Low bench profile adapt a broad range of individuals in a steady position that helps reduce lower back arch.

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    Olympic Flat Bench FF43
    Olympic Flat Bench FF43 CAD $1,169
    • Low bench profile adapt a broad range of individuals in a steady position that helps reduce lower back arch.
    • High impact, metameric wear guards protect the bench and Olympic Bar and allow for easier replacement.
    • Weight storage cornets are appropriately positioned to ensure close proximity to specific weight plates.
    • The design easily accommodates weight plates without overlap and make sure quick and easy access.

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    Olympic Seated Bench
    Olympic Seated Bench AN51 CAD $817
    • Targets your biceps muscles
    • Lift bigger loads 
    • Steel frame don’t crack like a glass its quality is outclass  
    • PU Form is used with double stitching for durability and comfort

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    Pro Olympic Incline Bench FF42
    Pro Olympic Incline Weight Lifting Bench FF42 CAD $1,052

    Getting wished body shape needs hard work, discipline, and superior training exercise gear. You will get all of the gains of exercise with the Pro Olympic Incline Bench FF42 from HAJEX. This fitness gear provides you a gym station in the comfort of your home. Its powder-coated finish and the top-quality steelwork efficiently prevents damage from intense use.

    • This complete system traits a groundbreaking structure that integrates weight storage posts and Olympic sleeves.
    • It is a multifunctional training gear that allows you to comfortably store and access your weight while performing a workout.
    • Its thick padded seat added comfort and support to lessen drain during workouts.
    • The construction of this bench is compact and steady to provide excellent support for daily exercises.

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