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    Color Neoprene Coated Exercise Fitness Dumbbells $4,67$35,02

    Tone your muscles with our soft neoprene dumbbells. Featuring a vibrant hue with prominent labeling for easy identification. The unique HEX heads provide an edge over round-headed dumbbells, making them stable on the floor and safe to put around during workout sessions.


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    Adjustable Dumbbell Handles (2 PCS) $15,56$19,45
    • The Hajex adjustable spin-lock/springlock dumbbell handles and connector rod are manufactured with heavy-duty material
    • They feature a versatile design, allowing users to perform multiple workouts including exercises of arms, legs, abdominal, or shoulders
    • The protective coating makes it rust-resistant
    • Each dumbbell handle comes with a couple of  spin-lock collars
    • The spinlock collars have rubber rings on inward sides to prevent them from getting loose
    • Super easy to use, just swap the plates in spinlock sleeves
    • Suitable for small to large size hands


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    Neoprene Dumbbells’ Sets With Rack $23,35$135,79
    • Perfect home gym equipment for resistance training
    • Safe Neoprene double layer on cast iron dumbbells
    • Multiple Neoprene dumbbell sets featuring – 20 lbs, 32 lbs, 44 lbs, and 60 lbs weight
    • Comes with a durable and lightweight dumbbell rack
    • Quick and easy assembling
    • Easy-grip and Anti-roll design
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


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    HAJEX Round Dumbbells 5 to 50 LB Set $855,96$945,45

    HAJEX Round Dumbbells Set offers versatile and efficient strength training. With a range from 5 to 50 pounds, these durable and ergonomic dumbbells cater to various fitness levels.

    We want to clarify that we are not officially affiliated with Captain America or any other brand. Our identity is independent, and any resemblance to other entities is purely coincidental.

    * Note: Rack is not included. 


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    HAJEX Premium Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets (1.5$ per LB) $123,73$2.994,06

    Note: Weights are in Pounds (LB). Dumbbell Rack can be purchased separately. Price match is possible with a 5% discount on top of lifetime access to the HAJEX Fit App.


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    Rotary Adjustable Dumbbell Stand $112,80

    The Rotary Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is an ergonomic dumbbell rack stand that keeps Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells off the floor. This dumbbell stand is a basic necessity of gyms that protects your spine from bending all the way down to lift heavyweight. Also, it helps to switch weights efficiently and hold your dumbbells securely in place when not in use.


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    Rotary Adjustable Dumbbells $116,69$466,87

    HAJEX Rotary Adjustable Dumbbell is best for you to tone your biceps and triceps. These can help you improve your arm strength while being easily adjusted. This single dumbbell eliminates the need to purchase multiple hand weights that not only save space in your home gym but also provide a wide range of adjustable weights for long-term fitness goals. 

    24-month manufacturer warranty i.e. Free repair/replacement on orders received after 09-Dec-2023.


    137 in stock

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    HAJEX Fitness Set – Workout Bench, Adjustable Dumbbells, and Foam Mats $369,60$708,13
    Fitness set by HAJEX is ideal to practice a wide range of exercises in the comfort of your home. This set is specially designed for those who want to set up a home gym. This package includes an adjustable dumbbell with a range of weight options along with a comfortable workout bench and soft gym flooring that covers an area of about 32 Sq. ft.


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    Adjustable Dumbbells 21lb/33lb/44lb/55lb/66lb | HAJEX $31,09$66,11

    Build bulkier biceps with Adjustable Dumbbell sets from HAJEX. Each set comprises double-layered PVC weights with ergonomic handles. These sets are designed to increase the functionality of the equipment to ease you with developing a sculptured torso and arms.


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    Rubber Hex Dumbbells in Canada (2.5 to 120 LB) $2,92$280,15

    Start your Strength training with Premium Rubber Hex Dumbbells, manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron with rubber-enclosed hexagonal heads.

    We also offer Rubber Hex Dumbell Stacks. Our Dumbells come with the following features: 

    • Highest Quality Rubber & Steel Grip
    • 28mm to 35mm Grip diameter for Perfect handling
    • Tested to last 10 years
    • Non-Smelly
    • Does not Rust or Corrode over time

    Note: Price match is possible with 5% discount on top with HAJEX Fit App lifetime access.


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    NUO Style Dumbbell Stand $92,60

    Are you searching for a Great Storage Rack for your adjustable dumbbell sets? Our upgraded adjustable dumbbell rack can meet your requirements. This specially designed durable and sturdy dumbbell stand is used to put adjustable dumbbells and is available with other compatible products with discount at Adjustable Weight Lifting Dumbbell Bundle.

    Choose according to your dumbbell weight increments.

    Note: Dumbbells are not included.


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    NUO Style Adjustable Dumbbell $155,64$622,55

    24-months manufacturer warranty i.e. Free repair/replacement parts on orders received after 09-Dec-2023. Eligible for 30 days of Free Return (No deduction or Restocking fee)

    • Fully adjustable
    • Just twist the handle to adjust the weight
    • Premium-quality weights
    • Help you achieve a more optimal workout
    • Save space and time
    • Textured, non-slip handles
    • Knurled handle for better grip
    • Easy to store when not in use
    • More efficient workouts


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    Workout Bench, Dumbbell & Mats Bundle From $14,78

    48 in stock

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    Workout Bench with Weights, Barbell & Dumbbells $319,06$722,54


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