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    Luxurious Incline Bench side
    Luxurious Incline Bench
    Luxurious Incline Bench CAD $934

    With a variety of combinations of seat and back-rest positions to choose from, this Luxurious Incline Bench can easily adapt to any athlete. It provides more efficiency and productivity of any strength training facility. No matter your size, workout priorities, or available training space, this bench provides more options and comfort than any other model, all at a reasonable price.



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    Olympic Incline Bench
    Olympic Incline Weight Bench For Full-Body Workout CAD $934

    This incline bench is a perfect addition to any gym. Its sturdy foot placement enhances safety and durability. It comes with weight holders for easy access and storage.

    • The construction is stabilized and compact to offer optimal support for daily workouts.
    • It features an innovative structure that integrates weight plate storage posts and Olympic sleeves.
    • This versatile bench allows you to easily store your weights while workout.
    • It is designed to perform a wide array of strength-training workouts that targets the arms, legs, chest, and core.

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    Pro Olympic Incline Bench FF42
    Pro Olympic Incline Weight Lifting Bench FF42 CAD $1,052

    Getting wished body shape needs hard work, discipline, and superior training exercise gear. You will get all of the gains of exercise with the Pro Olympic Incline Bench FF42 from HAJEX. This fitness gear provides you a gym station in the comfort of your home. Its powder-coated finish and the top-quality steelwork efficiently prevents damage from intense use.

    • This complete system traits a groundbreaking structure that integrates weight storage posts and Olympic sleeves.
    • It is a multifunctional training gear that allows you to comfortably store and access your weight while performing a workout.
    • Its thick padded seat added comfort and support to lessen drain during workouts.
    • The construction of this bench is compact and steady to provide excellent support for daily exercises.

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    Weight Lifting Bench 1
    Weight Lifting Bench with Pulley CAD $399.95
    • Multifunctional fitness equipment designed to provide full-body workout includes arm training muscles training weight lifting leg extension leg curl etc
    • Adjustable seats to meet your need and provide you training with different angles to get good results. Comfortable and soft cushions are used in manufacturing to provide a comfortable workout.
    • The dumbbell bench and square rack can be used separately it saves space can provides a comfortable workout.
    • The squat rack is also adjustable you can adjust it according to your height can be used by multiple users. A safety protection bracket is used to prevent injury.
    • Premium high-quality heavy-duty frame is used to provide safety and durability to your workout.
    • One plus point of this multifunctional weight lifting bench is that it has a high lifting bar that creates more training methods

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