Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates in LBs & KGs

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CAD $5.95CAD $179.95


Lift up your Strength workout with HAJEX Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates. Having prominent weight labels for easy identification, curved edges, extended rims, and water-proof coating to prevent corrosion over the years of use to come.

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    Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates in LBs & KGs

    CAD $5.95CAD $179.95

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    HAJEX Cast Iron Olympic Plates have a deep inner circumference, outward rim with raised letterings; making it easier for identification and carrying. These weights are ideal to be used in commercial and home gyms and are as popular as our Bumper Olympic Weight Plates. These weight plates have a great ergonomic design and durable coating to give them protection over the years of use.


    Solid Construction – The HAJEX Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates are manufactured with heavy-duty steel under high pressure for better density.

    Protective Coating – Each plate is carefully coated with rust-resistant material that prevents moisture from coming in contact with the steel. The e-coating also provides smooth finishing than regular powdered coating with much stronger adhesion.

    Multi-Purpose – These weights are highly functional. You can use them for Strength training workouts, Ab exercises, and muscle endurance. The plates can be used individually or with Barbell bars.

    Clear Labelling – The weight plates are engraved with white paint for easy identification. Usually, with time, the printed labels get faded and it becomes hard to identify the fitness equipment that’s why these plates come with painted labels in pounds and kilograms.

    2″ Plate Hole Diameter – The plates have a smooth 2-inch (50 mm) center hole to load the weights on the Olympic barbell effortlessly.

    Weights   2.5lb, 5lb, 35lb, 45lb
    Material  Solid Steel
    Coating  E-coating
    Hole Diameter  2-inch (50 mm)
    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    2.5 LB x 2, Pair, 2.5 LB x 1, Single, 5 LB x 1, Single, 5 LB x 2, Pair, 10 LB x 1, Single, 10 LB x 2, Pair, 25 LB x 1, Single, 25 LB x 2, Pair, 35 LB x 1, Single, 35 LB x 2, Pair, 45 LB x 2, Pair, 45 LB x 1, Single

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    5 reviews for Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates in LBs & KGs

    1. Peter Beech
      Superb Plates, Great hold up
      These cast iron Olympic weights plates are great as they hold up well and are very solid. The printing on them makes it easy to recognize the plate. To keep my strength training on track I decided to get these and I am so glad that I did. These plates are superb.
    2. Sam
      Good quality 10 lbs Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates!
      I have got my parcel of 10 lbs Cast Iron Olympic Plates (pair) from HAJEX today and let me give my thoughts on that. I am loving this item. This new addition to my home gym is fantastic and I am enjoying lifting weights. The quality of the product is just awesome and overall the review from my side is five by five. I would commend to buy this product from HAJEX and enjoy your daily workout routine.
    3. Becky
      A great 10 lbs Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plate!
      From the past one year I have been doing weight-lifting and heavy exercises. I have always searched for good quality 10 lbs weight plates but I found none. However, my friend recently told me about HAJEX’s cast iron weight plates. He pushed me to buy this 10 lbs weight plate. At first, I hesitated because my past experiences were not good. But then I ordered and I must say I made the correct decision. I have been using this weight plate for about a week now and I have never been satisfied with any product as much I am satisfied with this one. I would highly recommend everyone to buy these 10 lbs cast iron Olympic weight plates.
    4. Jack
      A great little weight plate!
      I have always wanted to have Cast Iron Weight Plates that are not too heavy. These 2.5 lbs Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates from HAJEX that I got just now are the must haves. These are easy to tackle and does not take much space. The material is very good and it comes in a neat and unique packaging. I would highly recommend HAJEX’s cast iron weight plates to everyone.
    5. Jason
      Best Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates!
      I have received a pair of 45 lbs Cast Iron Olympic weight plates from HAJEX that I have ordered. Packaging is neat and fine. I was actually worried about the material of the cast iron weight plates but to my surprise these were above my expectations. I am a huge fan of weight plates and barbells and these weight plates have added an extra topping to my sweet little home gym. I absolutely loved these and would highly recommend to buy these Olympic Weight Plates from HAJEX.
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