Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells Set – 45lb – 80lb

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CAD $249.95CAD $849.95

  • Fully adjustable
  • Just twist the handle to adjust the weight
  • Premium-quality weights
  • Help you achieve a more optimal workout
  • Save space and time
  • Textured, non-slip handles
  • Knurled handle for better grip
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • More efficient workouts
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This item: Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells Set - 45lb - 80lb
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CAD $249.95CAD $849.95
CAD $249.95CAD $849.95
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    Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells Set - 45lb - 80lb

    CAD $249.95CAD $849.95

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      Estimated Delivery: May 29 – Jun 04


    Introducing you to our premium adjustable dumbbells that are manufactured with heavy-duty material and feature quick weight adjustment. Unlike regular adjustable dumbbells, the Nuobell Style Dumbbells allow switching the weights by mere twisting the handle. You can place these dumbbells on a compact dumbbell stand which is specifically built for these premium dumbbells. The dumbbell rack makes it super convenient to change the weights within a few seconds.


    Well-made of quality material, heavy-duty steel plates come with enduring coating and an anti-roll base. When removed from the cradle the handle locks itself from twisting Surely, it is ideal for safe and reliable use.


    Textured, Knurled & Non-slip Handles 

    The textured knurling on the dumbbell handle feels sturdy in hand and prevents it from slipping from sweaty palms. The wear-resistant design ensures the longevity of the dumbbells to serve you lifelong.

    Easy Weight Adjustment 

    Rotate the handle to adjust the weight of the dumbbell without wasting time.

    Premium-quality Weights

    Well-made of quality material, heavy-duty steel plates come with enduring coating and an anti-roll base.

    Easy to Store 

    Help you achieve a more optimal workout. Surely, it is ideal for safe and reliable use.

    Compact Design 

    A smart adjustable dumbbell replaces the multiple dumbbells.  Its compact design enables you to customize your weight requirement. 

    Incredible Performance 

    The adjustable dumbbells provide unparalleled performance which improves the overall workout performance. Instead of finding and using different weights, you can transform one in your hand to your desired weight by using the grip handle.


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    45 LB Single, 45 LB Pair + Stand, 45 LB Pair, 50 LB Single, 50 LB Pair, 50 LB Pair + Stand, 70 LB Pair, 70 LB Pair + Stand, 70 LB Single, 80 LB Single, 80 LB Pair, 80 LB Pair + Stand

    6 reviews
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    6 reviews for Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells Set – 45lb – 80lb

    1. Lee
      Good quality Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells!
      I have got my parcel of Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells 45 lbs from HAJEX today. I am absolutely loving this item. This new addition to my home gym is fantastic and I am enjoying lifting Nuobell Style Adjustable Dumbbells. The quality of the dumbbells is just awesome and overall the review from my side is five by five. I am enjoying doing dumbbell workouts with this product. I would commend to buy this product from HAJEX.
    2. John
      Very Good Quality Dumbbells 80LB Pair
      Thanks. They fit my requirement and are very easy to shift weights back and forth during workout. I bought 80LB Pair with Stand.
    3. Shane
      I bought expandable set, I have the extra plates.... what is the technique to add them to the dumbell?
    4. Matthew Arnold
      These dumbbells are absolutely beyond the quality I expected. The weight adjustment mechanism is extremely smooth and these dumbbells are super easy to use. They feel great!
    5. Nick Kroll
      Received these dumbbells with a rack. They feel amazing. The base is of cast iron and the handle has nice knurling. They arrived intact in great packaging. They are a lot sturdier than any dumbbells in the gym. Recommended!
    6. Anna Faris
      Amazing all-around experience from purchase to service to quality! Don’t break your head with adjustable weights just buy these
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